Moran, Cooper, Exum and Voyles Families


Henry Sessions Moran Jr

Buried in Village Falls Cemetary, Mulga, Alabama. Cemetary was established May 11, 1866.

Henry Sessions Moran Sr

Henry and Lola were living in Richland, Pasco County, Florida during the 1920 Census. Both were living in a boarding house that belong to Sampson Corvin in Duval County, Florida during the 1910 census. Henry is listed as Harry in the 1910 Census.

Listed in 1910 Census: Duval County, Florida 011-0088-0275
Listed in 1920 Census: Richland, Pasco County, Florida
Listed in 1930 Census: Hillsborough County, Florida

Lola Mae Basset

Lola Mae Basset Moran died from the flu epidemic that swept though Florida in 1934. Her son Wesley also died during the epidemic. Fairy Moran, her daughter was sick with the flu and did not realize that her mother and brother had died.

Lola is listed in the 1900 Census in Suwanee County, Florida, In Richland, Pasco County in the 1910 Census, Jacksonville, Duval County in the 1920 Census and Hillsborough County during the 1930 Census.

John Vinzant Cooper

Listed in 1870 Census: Hernando County, Florida
Listed in 1900 Census: Adele, Berriens County, Georgia
Listed in 1910 Census: Hillsborough County, Florida